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Business Watch

Business Watch works in the same way as Neighborhood Watch, but merchants, store owners or managers, and other businesses get to know each other, share information, and discuss crime or issues affecting their area. SAFE's Business Security Specialist will help organize a Business Watch and facilitate meetings in much the same way as a Neighborhood Watch. Business Watch services are free.

Business Security Assessments

SAFE provides comprehensive on-site assessments of businesses and large residential buildings and complexes to offer recommendations on how to improve the existing safety and security of the property. This service assists concerned parties to recognize and cost-effectively correct security vulnerabilities at the property. The recommendations are based on a standard of security that is generally higher than the security requirements contained in building codes. Generally, SAFE will examine lighting, doors, locks, alarms, cameras, windows, garage spaces, access control, etc. We also utilize Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) during the security assessment. A comprehensive written report is provided after the assessment.

Business Security Presentations & Trainings

SAFE can provide a variety of customized trainings and workshops for businesses and employees. We offer an extensive knowledge of best practices and can offer techniques and awareness that can improve the overall safety of your business. Here are some examples of training and workshop topics that we cover:

Fees for Business Security Assessments or Trainings are determined by the size and scope of the business, building, or type of training. SAFE can make an appointment with you for a quote. Please call us at: (415) 553-1984.